Queen Bees & the Beat – Powerful Women feat. Jasmine Thomas

Queen Bees & the Beat proudly present: „Powerful Women feat. Jasmine Thomas“ – our very first original song!

Four years after the song’s creation, we can now finally share the
video we have produced in the beehive over the course of almost a year. This is for everyone fighting the patriarchy and its oppressive systems – let this song be an anthem for all of us and a reminder of who we are: Beautiful, strong and powerful beings.

Music and lyrics by: Esin Bodur, Seda Taptık, Jasmine Thomas
Beat by: Jasmine Thomas, Tayib Thomas
Directed by: Leo Heiwig, Johanna Jungbluth
Cameras: Leo Ibanez, Canan Kesici, Can Tura
Drone: Tom Scheife @ Palmquads
Recording: Phi-Long Truong @ JABone Studios
Mixing and Mastering: Phi-Long Truong @ JABone Studios, Jasmine Thomas
Post-Production: Can Tura

Special thanks to and shot at Lobe Block
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