Who is Jasmine Thomas?

“Why is it so difficult for people to be truly happy?”

Hailing from one of the most exciting capitols in the world Jasmine Thomas is just as vibrant as her hometown Berlin. She puts her energy into her singing, songwriting, performing, arranging and producing and never gets tired of learning new things.

Over the years she has sung in a great number of bands, and from soul to pop, through to jazz and rock, she has used every chance she got to explore the versatility of her voice.

Meeting people from all walks of life she realized how difficult it is for people to be truly happy. To live life and not be led by fear is the most challenging part about living and something she constantly works on.

She now wants to send this message through her music, by writing songs that tell stories about life and letting her listeners know that there is more out there.



Her Music, Her Mission

Infectious melodies and intimate warm vocals easily flow over soul pop with a touch of 90s flavor. The Gambian-German musician writes reassuring anthems that celebrate individuality and personal strength. Her songs talk about life: the highs and lows of intimate relationships, the struggle many face in finding the right work/life balance. 

In her job as a vocal coach she realized the dilemma many people are dealing with in their lives. After working and taking care of their families for many there is simply no time left to take care of themselves. Encouraging people to do the things they love is the message of her music.

What's next?

Definitely more.

More original songs, more cover songs – MORE MUSIC!

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